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Christian Aid is on a journey to build a world based on love, dignity, equality and to fight for justice for the world's poorest people, who suffer increasingly from climate change and yet have no voice. Extreme poverty robs people of their dignity and denies them their rights, renders them powerless, unrepresented and vulnerable.

When natural disasters strike in countries like Malawi, Christian Aid is among the first on the ground to provide emergency relief and support.

Christian Aid changes lives: Christian Aid Week (CAW) helps fund the vital work CA does.

CAW2023 highlights Malawi, where 2 recent cyclones have devastated harvests. It is easy to identify with the story of Esther Saizi...

"i have two grandchildren. I want to raise them in the Christian Way and send them to school. When the children come to visit me I feel good in my heart. I am so proud of my grandson...we are community that help one another a lot."

With the support of Christian Aid partner, Nandola Farmers Association, Esther is now able to command a fair price for her crops and with the gift of an oven bakes bread rolls for the community and has in addition secured a better future for her daughters Ziwone and Rashida and her grandchildren.

Together, with your help, we can help people secure a better future for their families, giving them the chance to fulfil their potential.


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How your donation helps

Your gifts this Christian Aid Week could help people around the world secure a safer, happier future for their children and grandchildren.

We are united by hope. And together, we hope every family will have the joy of living a dignified life, free from poverty.

Every gift. Every action. Every prayer. Every one of us can make dreams come true.

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A family picture of a mum, dad, daughter and two brothers in Malawi

camera icon Jen Bishop and her family - Adam Haggerty/ Christian Aid