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We dream of a better world. We want everyone to have enough to eat.  We want to support people who are suffering the most from the effects of the climate emergency.  We imagine a future where crops are not flattened by cyclones and washed away by floods. We want every child to be able to have the education they need to break free of poverty.

Together, we can help people secure a better future for their families and their communities, giving them the chance to fulfill their potential.

We believe in life before death.  With your help, we can make dreams come true around the world.

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How your donation helps

Your gifts this Christian Aid Week could help people around the world secure a safer, happier future for their children and grandchildren.

We are united by hope. And together, we hope every family will have the joy of living a dignified life, free from poverty.

Every gift. Every action. Every prayer. Every one of us can make dreams come true.

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A family picture of a mum, dad, daughter and two brothers in Malawi

camera icon Jen Bishop and her family - Adam Haggerty/ Christian Aid