Hello to all our Friends from Garvald and Morham Every year, you save lives by generously donating to Christian Aid. As the coronavirus spreads across the world, love rises up in response. Join us this Christian Aid Week in reaching out to love and protect our neighbours around the world. Please think about giving a donation and sharing an e-Envelope with your friends. Thank you for your generosity, Your Friends at Garvald and Morham Church
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Tell your friends about Christian Aid Week, and encourage them to join the fight against poverty and injustice around the world.

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Your gifts will save lives

Coronavirus impacts all of us. But love unites us all. Now is the time to reach out to our neighbours near and far.

Poor communities are hit hardest by coronavirus. It’s affecting families living in overcrowded refugee camps, and many vulnerable people who have no water to clean their hands.

With your support, we can limit the impact of the virus, with life-saving soap and water.

Send an e-Envelope today and save lives.

Donate and send an e‑Envelope